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What is litigation?

American Bar Association defines litigation as:

“Litigation is a process for handling disputes in the court system.  Litigation is a contested action, where someone else, such as a judge may make the final decisions for the parties unless the parties settle before trial. Settlement can happen at any point during the process. During the litigation process, there may be a series of hearings and temporary orders (e.g. temporary custody and support), culminating in the final orders.  Final orders regarding the real issues in the case (e.g. custody, support, division of assets) are usually entered only after there has been a trial with witnesses”

How much would it cost me?

A cost of resolving a dispute largely depends upon the flexibility of parties involved. It can vary from few hundred to thousands of dollars. Our pre-litigation services and efforts of resolving your conflict before it enters a court room is designed to save your money. Please see and chose one of our pricing models.

What are timelines involved in typical litigation?

Once again, your flexibility and cooperation from your counterpart are important factors to resolve your disputes at the earliest. Pre-litigation among counsels sometime results in quick and cheap settlement of complex issues.

What are the alternatives?

Arbitration, mediation and negotiations are modern procedures to resolve disputes. Arbitration is preferred specifically by business as it by-passes the complex methodology of traditional litigation and offers remedies which are saves both time and money of litigants.

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